Thursday, 11 August 2011

Diseases on Dragon Fruit/Pitaya

Pitaya is also known as Dragon Fruit, in Chinese is known as 火龍果/火龙果. 

The main diseases that affect dragon fruits are the bacerium Xanthomonas Campestris which causes the stems to rot. This is also known as black rot.
Taken from:, the symptoms consist of a localized wilting at the leaf margin followed by a yellowing, though occasionally lesions on leaves may start at wounds created by insects. The yellow tissue turns to yellow-brown and the lesion progresses to a V-shaped area with the base of the V toward the leaf center. Affected areas later turn brown and die. Within the yellow tissue, leaf veins become black giving the disease its name - black rot. At advanced stages the black discoloration may extend from the affected leaf to the main stalk where the darkened vascular system may be evident up or down the stem. One way to identify the disease is to pull off a severely affected leaf and examine the resulting leaf scar at the stem. A black rot infected plant will have characteristic black vascular spots at the leaf scar.

Taken from Pan Disease. Another diseases, Anthracnose attacks all plant parts at any growth stage. The symptoms are most visible on leaves and ripe fruits. At first, anthracnose generally appears on leaves as small and irregular yellow, brown, dark-brown, or black spots. The spots can expand and merge to cover the whole affected area. The color of the infected part darkens as it ages. The disease can also produce cankers on petioles and on stems that causes severe defoliation and rotting of fruits and roots. Infected fruit has small, water soaked, sunken, circular spots that may increase in size up to 1.2 cm in diameter. As it ages, the center of an older spot becomes blackish and emits gelatinous pink spore masses. 

If you have problems with the above diseases, you may use Tanali Vinegar to suppress the diseases.

  Our products are concentrated therefore you will need to mix with water, dilution of 1:200. (Mix as require) After mixture with water, spray once a week to reduce and maintain the diseases.

Price List for Agriculture Vinegar

1L : RM35
5L : RM130
25L : RM500

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  1. Do you have a supplier of your product in Australia or can I order direct from yourself, if so please provide pricing thank you.

    Lou Ceccato

  2. Can you provide me in South Africa

  3. Can I buy ur product at garden supply.

  4. I am now supplying Tanali. If you concern, phalease contact with me at or phone at + 841234577996


  5. I am now supplying Tanali. If you concern, phalease contact with me at or phone at + 841234577996


  6. Supplier for Cambodia please. We have 5 Hectares of red dragonfruit that we would like to treat. How often do you treat / spray? Thanks Andrew